Rack Cooler

Rack Cooling

Rack cooling - a compact solution for data centers

The challenge for data centers and server rooms is the increasing heat loads on the one hand and an energy-conscious and efficient use of air conditioning solutions on the other hand. Compact solutions are becoming increasingly popular for reasons of space, and more and more attention is also being paid to design.


Customized solutions and airflow configurations

Which cold air is released into the "cold aisle" to each rack cabinet and hot air is taken in by suction by the rack cooler from the surrounding environment.

Which a closed loop is created between the rack cooler and rack cabinet

MRAC is the right choice to cool 19” racks which need a close temperature control and a 24h/7 operation.


Rack and Side Cooler

HRCC RackColler

Chilled water high density cooling unit
Version CW: 20 - 57 kW

HRCM RackCooler

Monobloc rack cooling unit with scroll compressors
Version DX: 6 - 10 kW


CO2 high density cooling unit
Version: 25 - 50 kW

NRC RackCooler

High density cooling unit with BLDC scroll compressors
Version DX: 13 - 48 kW

MRAC Mini-RackCooler

19´´ High density cooling unit with rotary or BLDC twin rotary compressors
Version DX: 4 - 8 kW