FanWall air conditioners

FanWall air conditioners for high density data centres

Our chilled water FanWall HBCV series air conditioners are designed for technological environments where a compact footprint is a requirement - without any impact on these units cooling output capacity.


Main features:

  • Compact footprint / maximum capacity
  • High efficiency, low power consumption
  • Different coils according to water dT and optimize for HIGH WATER TEMPERATURE
  • Full maintainability from the technical corridor side (air inlet side)
  • Fully customizable in dimensions to be totally integrated into the building



More advantages:

  • Double power supply with automatic switch (on request)
  • Stainless steel condensate drain pan
  • Fan speed modulation based on thermal load (constant ΔT)
  • Fan speed modulation based on air flow requirements (constant Δp)
  • Humidify/de-humidify feature
  • Post-heating systems:
    • with electrical heating elements
    • with hot water coil
  • Instantaneous reading of the supplied cooling capacity (on request)



COOLtec supports you in partnership to create a customized concept to meet these challenges in a more efficient way and at the lowest possible energy costs. Our modular approach not only helps you to reduce your operating costs (OPEX), but also to react dynamically to changes and to expand your data center if necessary. This gives you full cost control and allows you to increase your competitiveness through the benefits mentioned.

Benefit from our many years of experience in the use of modern and tailor-made air conditioning technology in data centers and server rooms. We support you with reliable precision air conditioning technology – for new constructions, expansion or refurbishment of air conditioners. COOLtec is your partner for holistic air conditioning concepts. We use the latest technologies to ensure maximum availability, best plant efficiency and the best possible environmental compatibility.



Chilled water FanWall system


FanWall air conditioners for data centres
Version CW
Version DX
Range 40 - 450 kW

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