CO2 solutions

CO2 - the natural refrigerant

At 0.04%, carbon dioxide is a natural component of our atmosphere and thus of our air. However, the natural gas can also be used in refrigeration technology as a natural refrigerant and thus brings a number of advantages. CO2 or R744 is extensively available in nature and is not associated with any resource restrictions. In addition, it is a non-toxic and, above all, non-flammable inert gas. This contributes to cost reduction and safe installation of the systems. This refrigerant can be widely used in the field of commercial refrigeration; among other things, it offers good thermodynamic performance due to its inherently favourable chemical and physical properties.


Short facts CO2 (carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide)

  • R744, E290, extinguishing gas, etc.
  • Component of every living cell
  • Component of the breathing air
  • Greenhouse gas & reference value for GWP-value
  • Provides a positive greenhouse effect
  • Vital for all living beings
The refrigerant R744 is environmentally friendly because it has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) value equal to 1. It has all the characteristics to become the refrigerant of the future because it is not bound by the new regulations that seek to limit emissions of greenhouse gases.

GWP (Global warming potential) = 1
ODP (Ozone depletion potential) = 0
R744 = safety group A1: non-flammable and non-toxic

Cost-effectiveness CO2

  • High cooling capacity
  • Very high planning security of environmental policy developments -> natural occurrence
  • Low refrigerant prices, high and long-term availability
  • Environmentally friendly -> non-ozone-depleting
  • No disposal and recovery costs
  • Safety: CO2 does not burn and is non-toxic


COOLtec Natural-Line: Natural refrigerant R744 (CO2

  • Compact chillers in all performance classes
    • Outdoor installation, BLDC, EC fan
    • Free cooling, adiabatics and hydraulic systems
    • Heat recovery and heat pump systems
  • Adiabatic air/air system with CO2
  • Rack Cooler with pumped CO2