Dry Coolers & Condenser

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Dry Coolers & Condenser

We offer you innovative dry coolers and air-cooled condensers that work powerfully and highly efficiently. The units are characterized by low energy consumption and low noise emissions. High-quality materials and workmanship ensure reliable operation with a long service life. The extensive product range with different constructions forms and designs as well as numerous accessory options allow tailor-made solutions that meet all requirements.

The products have been designed to offer an efficient response to the technical requirements related to specific dimensions and supply types of the plant in which they are installed. Each unit is unique and tailor-made.

Please refer to our extensive product range and accessories in the corresponding brochure.

Horizontal / vertical air flow dry coolerTischkühler

The entire dry cooler series has been redesigned with the intent of providing greater selection, reducing delivery time, lowering transport costs and offering maximum flexibility during installation.
Cooling capacity: 8 - 1300 kW

Tower dry cooler V-Kühler

Dry cooler for special architectural requirements
Cooling capacity: 40 - 935 kW

Combo dry coolerV-Kühler

The dry cooler Combo series has a special feature to generate the greatest amount of power that can be transported via container.
Cooling capacity: 130 - 1600 kW

Superjumbo dry coolerV-Kühler

The Superjumbo model features the best performance in the dry cooler series
Cooling capacity: 150 - 2040 kW