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Fan Coils Units - Modern design and maximum comfort

Our Fan Coils Units represent the perfect combination between technology and design. The existing products and solutions contribute to a maximum comfort climate and almost quiet operation. The wide product range of recirculating air cooling units as well as the numerous accessory options allow tailor-made solutions that meet all requirements. We offer fan coil units, cassette units, wall mounted units and ductable air treatment units for installation in hotels, commercial buildings, industry and for all new and existing buildings.  

Thanks to the attractive external design and its elegant shapes, our recirculating air cooling units are the perfect element for integration in your rooms. Our modern fan coil units fit perfectly into both a modern and classic environment. The continuous development of our products and the technical standards leads to an optimization of the space requirement. Thus, high performance can be ensured in an extremely compact unit at a low sound pressure level.

The entire portfolio of our fan coil units can be equipped with innovative Brushless ECM motors. This can reduce power consumption by up to 75%.


  • 2-pipe system
  • 4-pipe system
  • AC or EC fan
  • Controllers and thermostats

AIR Gebläsekonvektor AIR
Centrifugal fan coil units unit for ceiling, suspended ceiling and wall mounting.
With/without carbinet
Cooling: 0,5 - 9,0 kW
Heating: 0,5 - 9,8 kW
Our AIR units has been certified in accordance with the hygienic requirements of VDI 6022 (for -HY series).

Fan coil unit for ceiling, suspended ceiling and wall mounting
with a low unit depth of 157 mm
With/without carbinet
Cooling: 0,9 - 2,7 kW
Heating: 1,0 - 2,9 kW

LIGHT Deckenkassette LIGHT
Cassette fan coil units
for grid dimension 600x600 or 900x900
Cooling: 1,6 - 10,9 kW
Heating: 1,6 - 11,3 kW
Our LIGHT units has been certified in accordance with the hygienic requirements of VD1 6022 (for -HY series).

Wall unit
Cooling: 1,3 - 3,8 kW
Heating: 1,6 - 4,4 kW

FRESH Kanalgerät FRESH
Ductable air treatment units
Cooling: 2,4 - 29,6 kW
Heating: 2,5 - 34,2 kW

Controllers and thermostats
Cable remote controls in different versions
Infrared remote controls
Control via building management system (BMS)