Shopping centers

COOLtec Klimatisierung Einkaufszentren

Keep cool at the summer sales

Whether you are the owner of a shop in an urban shopping mall or the operator of a shopping centre on the outskirts of the city – you also need comfort air conditioning that stabilises the desire to buy all year round.

Due to the large inner areas, shopping centers are very often air-conditioned with ventilation systems. In the selection of the refrigeration system, direct evaporation and chilled water technology come into play in equal measure. In the air conditioning of isolated solutions such as smaller fashion shops or hairdressing shops, chilled technology is the better solution due to long pipeline lengths in the shopping area and often required individual billing.

For your new shopping center construction, COOLtec humanely concept develops concepts that are fed by an environmentally friendly chilled water system and use energy-efficient air-conditioning convectors to enhance the air in all occupied zones and offices.

Product information

Chiller & Heat PumpsKaltwassererzeuger
Air or water cooled units
Range: 5 - 1400 kW

Dry Cooler & CondenserRückkühler
High-performance dry coolers and air-cooled condensers
Range: 10 - 1200 kW

Fan Coil UnitsFanCoil
Fan coil units, cassettes, wall units and ductable units
Range: 2 - 40 kW