Klimatisierung Kliniken & Praxisräume

Hospitals & practice rooms

In clinics and practices, it is primarily about an acceptable sound level of the units in the outdoor area, but also the used circulating air cooling devices in the treatment or Hospital rooms. The refrigeration chiller itself is often split for sound reasons, so that the compressor part is placed inside the building and an air-cooled condenser outside or a dry cooler is used. City water solutions are also often favored from an energy point of view. In order to utilize the chiller to 100% around the clock as far as possible, changeover cycles with different setpoints for ice storage charging operation are used.

Product information

Close Control Units Präzisionsklimagerät
Chilled water (CW) or direct expansion (DX)
Range: 6 - 240 kW

Chiller & Heat PumpsKaltwassererzeuger
Air or water cooled units
Range: 5 - 1400 kW

Dry Cooler & CondensersRückkühler
High-performance dry coolers and air-cooled condensers
Range: 10 - 1200 kW

Fan Coil UnitsFanCoil
Fan coil units, cassettes, wall units and ductable units
Range: 2 - 40 kW

Hygienic Fan Coil Units
Fan coils units according VDI6022
Range: 2 - 40 kW

Rental coolingMietkälte
Covers acute cooling requirements quickly and reliably
Range: 20 - 500 kW