Precision air conditioners for Data Center

COOLtec IT-Cooling

Highly efficient IT cooling

Data centers are undergoing many changes at the moment. The exchange of data has increased rapidly, new technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing are in use and power consumption has increased in a way no one could have foreseen a few years ago. Cooling and supply energy have become two major challenges for data center operators.

COOLtec supports you in partnership in the creation of a tailor-made data center cooling system in order to master these challenges in an efficient way and at the lowest possible operating costs (OPEX).

IT Cooling System

Efficiency calculations and success measurements

The performance of a data center is measured with the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and DCiE (Data Center infrastructure Efficiency) indexes, which were defined by "The Green Grid". "The Green Grid" is an association of IT experts who have set themselves the goal of increasing the energy efficiency of data centers. Both metrics allow data center operators to quickly analyze the energy efficiency of their infrastructure, compare results with those of other data centers, and make possible improvements. The PUE value relates the total energy consumed in the data center to the energy consumption of the IT equipment.

On average, half of the consumption is generated by the IT systems. The remaining part is divided between the devices of the infrastructure intended for supply and the infrastructure for cooling the IT rooms.

Key to success for efficient data centers

  • Precise temperature and humidity
  • Needs-based performance assessment
  • Free cooling
  • Controlled airflow
  • Ongoing redundancies
  • Scalability and modularity
  • Monitoring and control

Our modular approach not only helps you reduce your operating costs, but also to react dynamically to changes and expand your data center if necessary. As a result, you have full cost control and can increase your competitiveness through the advantages mentioned above.

Product information

Close Control UnitsPräzisionsklimagerät
Chilled water (CW) or direct expansion (DX)
Range: 6 - 240 kW

Rack Cooler RackCooler
Chilled water (CW) or direct expansion (DX)
Range: 11 - 60 kW

Air-to-air system for Data Centers with adiabatic system
Range: 10 - 330 kW
air flow up to 82.500 m³/h

Chiller & Heat PumpsKaltwassererzeuger
Air or water cooled units
Range: 5 - 1400 kW

Rental cooling Mietkälte
Covers acute cooling requirements quickly and reliably
Range: 20 - 500 kW