Sustainability and corporate responsibility

One great concern for us is to contributing positively to the society and environment.

The greatest contribution to our corporate responsibility we can make is in environmental protection. About 40% of the primary energy required worldwide and thus about one third of the total CO2 emissions is consumed in the real estate sector. For that peticular reason we ensure maximum energy efficiency for our client solutions and try to keep environmentally harmful emission as low as possible. Equally dedicated on a rapid transition to environmentally friendly or natural refrigerants we are working together with our product manufacturers in the discussion on refrigerants.

We have equipped our new offices in the company headquarters in the Munich area with regard to high sustainability and pay attention to the resource-saving use of energy in all corporate processes. Our committment in cooperation at a local level also needs special attention. We select business partners with the greatest possible care and work primarily with partners from the local environment. We see it as an essential task of our daily actions to leave our children and grandchildren an intact economic but also an intact ecological structure.

Our business policy is aimed to fulfill all legal and ethical requirements and to anchor in these core values with our employees, customers and business partners without any compromise.


Everyone profits from this approach - our customers, suppliers, business partners,
the environment right down to our company, including the employees.